Friday, November 14, 2008

Sarala Milinda Prashnaya (Buddhism)

$ 1.95

Author: R Gamini Gunasiri
Printed and Published by: Dayawansa Jayakody & Company
Weight: 250g

The questions of King Milinda and the profound replies of Arhat Nagasena are explicitly illustrated in the book “Milinda Prashnaya”. The king’s potential of questioning turned out to be overpowered by the adept responses of Arhat Nagasena. These intellectual reasoning gratified him to have faith in Buddhism and eventually King Milinda attained Arhat-hood.

They are not a part of a myth. Greek King Milinda ruled an extensive region in the 2nd century BC setting up his kingdom in Sagala city. Coins were found, with the engravings of the King Milinda’s visage and Dharma Chakra imprinted on either sides, from this ancient city. Offering knowledge and wisdom this book is an ideal guide for persistent seekers of Nirvana.

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